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Anje-Ilana is one of the Creatives behind

I’ve known Anje for many years. I remember fondly how we use to pass notes to each other in class, we always had beautiful conversations in Art Class, Anje was a beacon of light to me as a young troubled teen, always speaking words of encouragement and listening when I just had to off-load. 

Anje studied in the Education field and started Baby Development classes just before her daughter was born. She then went back into full time education. She always had a very good eye for composition, and a passion for photography. She took the leap and ventured into Photography full time.

Her work speaks volumes about her passion for people, and ability to capture the light in a person. When I view her work, I can feel the emotion, experience the happiness. I get lost in the story she tells through subject and imagery.

I met up with Anje for a brief Q and A

Why this medium? 
I believe God gave me a heart for people. To understand them and to acknowledge who they are through photography.
He presented me with the ability to take truthful photos and to be able to give people the gift of beautiful memories that can be cherished. I am also in the wonderful position to take photos with my husband who is my inspiration and my rock.
Photography to me is not just about pressing the shutter. It’s about being present, experiencing the moment and to anticipate what is going to happen next.
I am fond of light. Not only in photography but also in life. If we search intensely for it we will always find it and be able to create something extraordinary.
“All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light & shadow” ~Leo Tolstoy
5 Random facts about Anje:
1. I love animals and believe we are their voice so we have to support organisations that help with rehabilitation, neutering and spading and finding homes for them.
2. I have a fear of ants…one, two, even three is fine but hundreds is a BIG NO-NO.
3. I have a heart for people and I can’t stand it when people label others. And I will always root for the under dog because it is usually those people who surprises you the most and whose hearts are true.
4. I love my FujiFilm camera and travel everywhere with it…and speaking of traveling, I lost my heart in New York and I’m sure if I ever have the opportunity I will surely become a New Yorker. I also believe that traveling changes your perspective (whether you go overseas or take a Shot left through South Africa)
5. Humility is a virtue. Nothing makes one more beautiful than someone who is humbly themselves

In this series, I hope to explore the full spectrum of the creative field. The high’s and the low’s, the in’s and out’s of running a creative business, or working in the field. Tune in again soon when we go in depth into the process behind a photo shoot, the planning, the bloopers, the edit and the final product. We’ll also read more about Anje’s personal insight into making the shift from Employee to Entrepreneur.

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