Ludwig’s Song

Ludwig’s Song – a Tale of unlikely friends

From the day he was born, high in the Andes mountains, Ludwig’s mom knew he was destined to be more than a pack animal for a loving Inca family. She named him Ludwig, because he could sing before he could trot.


Ludwig showed talent as a budding guitarist while growing up. He could even whistle a few tunes through his pearly whites. At night, he entertained the pack around the camp fires. By day he added a sweet tune to make work fun.

When Ludwig got older, his Mama Llama lovingly nudged him towards the shores. His song was meant to be heard far beyond their little camp fires, she said

First he traveled on a ship to Scotland. He wasn’t great at being a deck hand, but he entertained the crew at night. His song made the journey shorter and sweeter. In hard times and good times his friends adored him.

Ludwig Travels
Ludwig travelling on the ship

Making music in Scotland was hard. Many others had a song in their hearts, but few had the time to sit and listen.

Ludwig sold his thick, fluffy coat to a farmer, insisting only that the farmer leaves his cool white bangs. With the same song in his heart, he traveled to London. Things were no better there, and Ludwig struggled to make ends meet.


Ludwigs Bangs - Animated
Ludwigs Bangs

Years went by without a song. Without his song. Then one day while Ludwig was scrubbing dishes in the local diner, he met a friend from Panama who woke up the song in his heart, and their adventure together began…

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